Does color stain help my roof?
No. The color is only for appearance. In fact the color attracts the sun, which heats up the shakes thus drying the shakes out faster than a natural clear treatment.

Does pressure washing damage my roof?
Pressure washing reduces shake thickness. If the roof is 1 - 10 years old typically the roof is OK to wash. Roofs 11 years and older need to be a case by case decision. Air cleaning is the least abrasive of all cleaning methods.

Is roof treatment really necessary?
If you want to save thousands of dollars by not replacing your roof, you must have a maintenance program. Having oil in your engine is the equivalent of having treatment on your roof.

Does walking on my roof damage it?

What damages my roof the most?
1. Sun (dries every material out even tile)
2. Moss (eats away roof material)
3. Debris (rots roof material)

Is it better to wait for summer to do maintenance on my roof?
NO. Roofwash works year round. There are many steps to the maintenance of a roof (clean, repair, treatment). A cedar shake roof takes 1 day to 2 weeks to complete. A composition roof typically takes 1 day to complete. All Roofwash services are warranted to give you a worry free experience.

How often should I have a roof washed?
Every 3 - 5 years depending on accumulated roof debris. For homes near trees a roof blow-off and gutter cleaning would be recommended once per year in most cases.